Research Group of Prof. Dr. I. Neitzel
Institute for Numerical Simulation

Numerical Analysis for PDE-constrained Optimal Control Problems

Contact: Prof. Dr. I. Neitzel
Time: Monday 12:15-13:45 and Tuesday 8:30-10:00
Room: 5.002 (Wegeler Str. 6).

Exams during the second examination period will be held on Tuesday, March 29th. Please contact Ms Oberheim by March 17th to schedule an appointment.

We will discuss questions arising in the numerical analysis of optimal control problems subject to (linear and possibly semilinear) partial differential equations and additional inequality constraints on the control and/or the state. Our main focus is on deriving a priori error estimates for the finite element discretization of such problems. Depending on the participants' background in partial differential equations, optimal control theory, and numerical analysis of PDEs, we will develop the theoretical background such as existence and regularity of optimal solutions, necessary and sufficient optimality conditions, and in the case of pointwise state constraints also regularization strategies. We will discuss different discretization strategies and derive rates of convergence for the discrete optimal controls.