Research Group of Prof. Dr. I. Neitzel
Institute for Numerical Simulation

Graduate Seminar on Numerical Analysis

Contact: Prof. Dr. I. Neitzel
Time: Tuesday, 12 - 2 pm, Thursday 10 - 12 am
Dates: May 31, June 7, 9, 14, 21, 23
Room: Wegelerstr. 6, 6020

Seminar topics may include finite and infinite dimensional optimization, variational calculus, and possibly PDE/ODE constrained optimal control.

If you are interested in the seminar please contact Prof. Dr. I. Neitzel before the preliminary seminar meeting on March 31st.

First seminar meeting: Thursday, March 31st, 14(s.t.)–16, Wegelerstr. 6, SR 5.002.